Export: 700 tons of products transported to Mauritania and Senegal


Algeria – Two caravans carrying 700 tons of Algerian products were sent, on Tuesday, to Nouakchott and Dakar, as part of the strategy to promote non-hydrocarbon exports and Algeria positioning in Africa, said a statement from the ministry of Trade.

The two caravans, made up of 30 trucks of the “Ligitrans” group, carry 620 tons of Algerian products destined for the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott. This quantity is composed of 240 tons of agri-food products, 20 tons of agricultural products, 120 tons of packaging, 20 tons of personal hygiene products, 120 tons of chemicals, 20 tons of bedding, 40 tons of household products and 40 tons of household items.

The shipment to Mauritania includes 27 trucks carrying products manufactured by 14 Algerian economic operators established in several provinces including El Oued, Setif, Bouira, Borj Bouariridj, Bejaia, Boumerdes, Algiers, Blida, Oran and Mascara. The caravan will arrive in Nouakchott on April 23rd, after traveling a distance of 3,500 km.

Regarding the caravan destined for Dakar, the press release stated that it carries 80 tons of products including 60 tons of agri-food products and 20 tons of personal hygiene products. These products are manufactured by two Algerian operators established in Bordj Bouariredj and Sétif respectively. The caravan will arrive in Dakar (Senegal) on April 25th, traveling a distance of 3,900 km.

Noting that this operation is the sixth since the opening of the border crossing “Chahid Mustapha-Ben Boulaïd” and the creation of a logistics base in the province of Tindouf to facilitate export operations and strengthen the land transport of goods. In this vein, a seventh operation is planned soon.



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