Algeria’s anti-regime protests: 9th Friday/ Live coverage


Algeria – This Friday, April, 19th, marks the 9th  Act of anti-regime demonstrations. After three contests against the candidacy of Abdelaziz Bouteflika for a fifth presidential term, the head of state responded favorably by giving up his candidacy and postponing indefinitely the presidential election that was scheduled for April 18.

Later, the outgoing President Bouteflika officially notified to president of the Constitutional Council his decision to end his mandate as President of the Republic.

Subsequently, both houses of Parliament (the Council of the Nation and the People’s National Assembly), sitting together Tuesday, in Algiers, took note of the Constitutional Council’s declaration of the permanent vacancy of the post of president of the Republic, following the resignation of Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The speaker of the Council of the Nation (upper house), Abdelkader Bensalah, assumed the charge of Head of State for a maximum period of 90 days, according to Article 102 of the Constitution.

This week, it was declared that the upcoming presidential election is due to take place on July, 4th. This week was, also, marked by the resignation of the Chairman of the Constitutional Council, Tayeb Belaïz, and the appointment of Kamel Feniche.

This friday, hundreds of citizens began, from the first hour of Friday, April 19, demonstrations in the heart of the capital.

Anti- Riot units are deployed,  blocking access to the faculties tunnel on the ninth Friday of popular protest.

In front of the police, the demonstrators had no choice but to denounce what they consider to be a provocation. Since the beginning of the popular movement, the tunnel of faculties has become a sacred place, indeed a place for pilgrimage.

It is now called “Ghar Hirak (cave of the popular movement)” in reference to the cave of Hira, where the prophet Mohamed had received the first revelations.

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