Opposition parties not to participate in July 4th Presidential election


Algeria – Political parties and opposition figures announced after their meeting Tuesday in Algiers, their decision not to participate in the presidential election scheduled for July 4, reiterating their call for “a reasonable transition period “.

“We reject the attempts of the political power (…) to regenerate through fraudulent elections by its legal and organic mechanisms in force, and announce our decisions not to participate, either through nominations or by signatures, “said the communiqué following their meeting to support the choice of  people “held at the headquarters of the Justice and Development Front (FJD), read by former minister Abdelaziz Rahabi.

The opposition parties reiterated their call for “a real, appropriate and reasonable transition period to enable the people of the popular momentum to engage in political, trade union and associative life in order to exercise the right to freedom of expression “, calling on” the National People’s Army Command (ANP) to interact more with popular demands”.

Moreover, they called “the competent courts to take urgent measures to protect the wealth of the people”.

In a statement to the press, FJD President Abdellah Djaballah said that “this political space whose purpose is to serve the interests of the people is independent”.

In addition to Abdallah Djaballah and Abdelazi Rahabi, officials and representatives of several political parties, including Talaie El-Houriyet, the El-Bina movement, El Fadjr El Djadid, the Party of Freedom and Justice (PLJ), the Public Health Practitioners’ Union, representatives of the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS Dissolved), in addition to several human rights activists and political activists, like M’haned Arezki Ferrad and Mustapha Bouchachi took part in this meeting.





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