Gaïd Salah: Army committed to support period of transition


ALGIERS- Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP) reaffirmed Tuesday in Ouargla the Army’s “unchanging” commitment to “support the period of transition” while urging “wisdom and patience.”


On the day II of the 4th Military Region, the Lt General supervised a drill with real ammunition “Enadjm Essati’a 2019” (brilliant star) and met with the executives of the North-east Operational Sector In-Amenas.

During the meeting, he reiterated the “Army’s unchanging commitment to support the period of transition, adding that all the all the possible options remain open to surmount the difficulties and find solution to the crisis as soon as possible,” said a communiqué of the National Defence Ministry.

“Once again, I insist on the need to privilege wisdom and patience, as the situation at the beginning of this transition (period) is exceptional and complex, requiring combined efforts of all patriots in order to escape unscathed from this trial,” he said.

Ahmed Gaid Salah reiterated the “ANP’s commitment to support the State institutions during this transition and stressed that all possible perspectives remain open in order to surmount difficulties and find a solution to the crisis as soon as possible, because the situation cannot last longer as we have no time,” he said.

Indeed, the People’s National Army “always considers itself as mobilized to stand by all those who are devoted to serve its people and motherland, to fulfill the commitment it has taken to achieve the legitimate demands and aspirations of the people to build a strong, secure and stable State. A State where every citizen finds his natural place and well deserved hopes,” affirmed the Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army.

Gaid Salah warns against certain individuals acting against people’s will

Lieutenant general Ahmed Gaid Salah, deputy minister of National defense, chief of Staff of the People’s National Army warned Tuesday against against certain individuals, especially the former head of the DRS, the retired lieutenant general, without naming him (Mohamed Mediene alias Toufik), who “continues to act against the will of the people and seek to inflame the situation.”

In an address on the second day of his visit to Ouargla (4th military district), the lieutenant general “warned against certain individuals who, for a long time, have been plundering the resources of the people and who continue to act against the will of the people and seek to inflame the situation, by contacting suspect people, some officials and political parties,” the ministry of National Defense said in a statement.

“In an address on 30 March 2019, I mentioned suspect meetings held in the dark, conspiring against the people’s claims to prevent the solution proposed by the People’s National Army from being applied to get the country out of the crisis.”

“Those parties, and mainly the former head of the Intelligence and Security Department (DRS), however, tried, in vain, to deny that they attended the meetings, and mislead the public opinion, although there is irrefutable evidence about those despicable schemes,” the chief of staff said.

“We have said, on that day, that we would disclose the truth, but they continue to act against the will of the people and seek to inflame the situation, by contacting suspect parties and trying to undermine the proposed solutions to the crisis.”

“I send a last warning to this individual, and in the case he persists in such acts, firm legal measures will be taken against him,” the lieutenant general warned.








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