FFS congratulates Algerians after Belaiz resignation, calls on army to assume responsibility


The Social Forces Front (FFS) congratulated the Algerian people after the resignation of Tayeb Belaiz, Chairman of the Constitutional Council.

“The tremendous citizen mobilization has just won another battle. It has just ‘broken’ another facade of the Algerian political system, embodied by the chairman of the Constitutional Council Tayeb Belaiz, “rejoices the opposition party in a statement on Tuesday.

The statement added, ” The Social Forces Front (FFS) congratulates the valiant Algerian people for their determination and their courage, because, faced with the violent and repressive assaults of the power, the Algerians could maintain their pacific fight to impose a radical change of the totalitarian Algerian regime “.

For the FFS, “the real change will finally begin, when this popular breakthrough will succeed in uprooting the political system entirely.”

In this context, the FFS hopes “that this resignation is not another ploy of this political caste, in the hope of gaining time and stay in power.”

In addition, the opposition party has appealed to the army to assume its responsibilities.

“The FFS challenges the military institution holding the real power since 1962, to assume its role and its missions namely the unity of the Algerian people, territorial integrity, national security, and to guarantee the respect of a a genuine process of democratic transition to meet the demands of the Algerian people, mainly their right to self-determination, ” stressed  the political party.





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