Gaid Salah calls for wisdom, patience, menaces high-ranked officials conspiring against Algeria’s interests


Lieutenant-General Ahmed Gaïd Salah delivered, on Tuesday and as part of his working and inspection visit to the 4th Military Region, a speech evoking the political situation in Algeria.

Gaid Salah emphasized the need to follow the path of wisdom and patience to get out of this ordeal shaking our country since February, 22, urging the dedicated patriots tocombine efforts to put an end to this political daedlock.
In this aspect, he underlined the possible prospects to overcome difficulties and find a solution to the crisis as soon as possible, because the situation can not continue any longer, as time is running out, he pointed out, adding: ” Thus, the National People’s Army considers itself always mobilized alongside all the devoted people, in the service of its people and of its homeland, and to realize the legitimate demands and aspirations of the people, build a strong, secure and stable state; a state where every citizen finds his natural place and his deserved hopes.

“In this context, and as I have stressed on previous occasions the need for justice to prosecute individuals involved in corruption cases, we expect that the judicial bodies  will accelerate the pace of handling various cases; people who have unduly benefited from credits estimated at thousands of billions, causing damage to the public treasury and squandering the money of the people,” stressed the Army Corps General.

Gaid added:

“I have already mentioned, during my speech of March 30, 2019, the suspicious meetings that are held in the shadows to conspire against the demands of the people and to hinder the solutions of the National People’s Army and the proposals to get out from the crisis. However, these parties, headed by the former head of the Department of Intelligence and Security, tried, in vain, to deny their presence in these meetings, and to mislead public opinion, despite the existence of irrefutable evidence on these  facts. We said that day that we were going to reveal the truth, and here they continue to stir up against the will of the people, approaching suspicious parties, and to impede the exit solutions of the crisis. To this end, I give this person a final warning, and in case he persists in his actions, firm legal measures will be taken against him.

He continued:

“We are convinced that the dignified and civilized Algerian people are able to meet all the challenges and overcome all crises, thanks to their ingenuity derived from their historical values ​​and foundations and their long experience in the trials, and we affirm that we understand its legitimate demands for which we are committed to working to achieve them. Of course, achieving these goals requires several steps that require patience, understanding and rejection of all forms of violence. Thus, the main stage being realized, it will certainly be followed by others until the achievement of all the expected objectives, without disturbing the functioning of the State institutions, which should be preserved to allow the management of the affairs of the state and the interests of our fellow citizens.

The decision to protect the people, with its various components, is an irreversible decision that we will not deviate from. Starting from the strength of the bonds of trust linking the people to their Army, we have given clear and unambiguous instructions for the protection of citizens, especially during marches. However, we expect, in return, our people to avoid the use of violence, to preserve public and private property and to avoid impeding the interests of citizens. I would like to emphasize, in this context, the need for total respect for the symbols of the State, at their head the national emblem. And we are firmly convinced that our people will live up to the civilized and prestigious image of history that the various media have relayed around the world. “

He concluded :

“I hope that this appeal is echoed by all the components of our dear people, because it comes from the High Command of the National People’s Army, starting from its dedication to the message of the Shuhada of the Revolution and the national duty.

We, as the High Command of the National People’s Army and in the face of the historic responsibility we assume, fully respect the provisions of the Constitution for the conduct of the transition, and I would like to reiterate that all possible prospects remain open  to overcome the difficulties and find a solution to the crisis as soon as possible, so as to serve the supreme interest of the motherland”.





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