Education: End-of-year examinations to take place on set dates


ALGIERS-National Education Minister, Abdelhakim Belabed announced Sunday that end-of-year examinations for the three grades will take place on the set dates, i.e. from 29 May to 20 June.


Speaking at a national seminar bringing together education directors, Belabed said that “over two million students are concerned by these examinations that will be held in nearly 18,600 exam centres.”

“This year’s examinations come in a sensitive context that requires the mobilization and vigilance of all to overcome it safely,” he continued.

According to the schedule set by the minister and the National Office of Examinations and Contests (ONEC), the baccalaureate examinations will take place on 16-20 June, that of the final middle-school exam on 9-11 June and the primary school on 29 May (during the Holy Month of Ramadan).

The baccalaureate examination results will be announced on 20 July while that of the end of middle-school examination will be released on 1 July and that of primary grade on 16 June, said the minister.

674.831 students are concerned by the baccalaureate examination, including 54,57% of girls, 631,395 students will attend the end of middle-school examination against and 812,655 will sit for the final primary school examination (48,60% of girls).

Out of a total of 18,811 centres devoted to end-of-cycle examinations, the sector has 18,570 examination centres, 47 collection centres, 191 correction centres and 03 other results release centres.

Examinations will be overseen by 627,655 supervisors within examination centres and 51,114 supervisors within collection and coding centres, in addition to 95,916 others at correction centres, said the Ministry.

As regards exams securing, Belabed said that he will chair a security committee on Monday, in which all stakeholders will be involved.

In the same vein, the Minister welcomed the efforts made by the education community and all sectors concerned by national events, notably the units of the People’s National Army (ANP), National Gendarmerie and National Police.

Belabed announced the completion of all operations relating to national examinations, namely registration, revision, personal information verification and repartition of candidates throughout examination centres.






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