“Stop broadcast!” Turkish company Inter Medya ITV menaces Echorouk TV, Eutelsat satellite


Echorouk TV is facing legal actions by the Turkish company Inter Medya ITV, exclusive distributor of the famous Turkish film series, for the illegal broadcast of the Turkish  series, entitled “Endless Love” (حب أعمى – in Arabic) via the satellite Eutelsat, according to Ennaher news website.


In an interview with the company’s lawyer, this latter accused the Algerian private Channel “Echourouk TV ” of illegally broadcasting the Turkish series “Endless Love”, considering this act as a serious infringement that requires immediate legal procedures against this Channel.

The lawyer accused the Channel of ignorance, explaining that her company has contacted the Channel and sent it notices of actions to stop the illegal broadcast, however,  Echorouk TV turned a blind eye to this.

“We do distribute to Algeria as well, however, we lately, came across that the private Algerian Channel “Echorouk TV” is illegally broadcasting the Turkish series “Endless Love”, which is totally unacceptable. Thus, we took all the necessary procedures to stop this illegal broadcast. For their parts, Algerian authorities are aware that we alongside the producers and distributors are taking legal measures with a view to handle this issue,” highlighted the lawyer.

In this aspect, she urged, not only  in the name of the company Inter  Medya ITVn but all Turkish parties involved,  the Channel to contact the company, putting an end to this illegal broadcast.

She  went further by  highlighting that her company realized, at the Exhibition where they are taking part, that all parties, including the satellite, are taking legal actions against this infringement, mentioning that Inter Medya ITVn are hiring French lawyers to proceed on their behalf.

In the same vein, the Turkish lawyer justified the legal actions taken against the Channel by mentioning that as a first step, her company had sent  notices of actions to Echourouk Channel as well as the satellite services involved in this infringement, which were broadcasted on air as well.

The lawyer ended by urging the Algerian Channel to contact the company to avoid any escalation, stressing that her company has not received any reply from the Channel yet.

“Following this silence, we have contacted the Turkish Embassy in Algeria … they were very helpful and we are extremely grateful for the efforts exerted by them to deal with this issue,” adding that the Embassy has contacted the Channel’s CEO Ali Foudil, however, their efforts were in vain; they were informed that he will contact them but no reply was looming large.

“As a second step, the company contacted all parties involved and they were so helpful as the Embassy did and as a final step, Inter Medya ITVn is contacting the Satellites,  via their legal representatives and Directors, notably Eutelsat,” she explained, adding that this latter’s legal team were so helpful and informed her that an agreement with Echorouk TV  is in place, which is not correct, according to her statement.


For his part, Inter Medya ITVn’s  Director supported the lawyer’ statements, calling all parties to respect broadcast and distribution rights.

“Producing such series is extremely expensive, so all parties are called upon to pay respect to these rights,” stressed the Turkish official, adding,” unfortunately, there are many infringements noticed, and in our capacity, we have to deal with that, therefore, we are in fight with those actions as a media and we have gained support from the Turkish government to nip these practices from the bud.”














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