Former Liberation Army officer Si Mansour Boudaoud passes away


ALGIERS- Former officer of the National Liberation Army Mohammed Arezki Boudaoud alias Si Mansour died in the early hours of Friday at the age of 93, in a Hospital in Paris, France, following an illness, his relatives said.


The dead body of the deceased will arrive today Saturday at 1 pm at the international airport Houari Boumediene, added the same source. He will be buried Sunday after the Dohr prayer at Bouzareah cemetery.

Si Mansour Boudaoud, brother of the last official of the French Federation of the National Liberation Front (FLN), was born in 1926 in Taouerga, a village of Great Kabylie, among a family of nationalists versed in the militancy within the Party of Algerian people (PPA), which he joined in 1943. In 1947, he joined the Special Organization (OS) in Algiers.

After the outbreak of the National Liberation War, he was sent by Colonel Amar Ouamrane, head of Zone IV (future wilaya IV) in Morocco for the collection of weapons. He carried explosives, part of which was used to make bombs during the battle of Algiers.

The first batches of weapons and explosives sent to Algeria were acquired thanks to Mohamed Boudiaf, of whom he became a close collaborator alongside Allel Thaalibi.

Appointed head of the Directorate of Logistics and Weapons of the West (DLO), within the Ministry of Armaments and General Liaisons (MALG), Si Mansour was behind the creation of weapons workshops in the Morocco.

The history of the five weapons factories of the NLA in Western Morocco was revealed in a book entitled “The Arms of Freedom”, published in 2015 by Rafar. At independence, these units managed to make 10,000 machine guns including 5,000 guns and 200 mortars.






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