Video: Has Former Justice Minister Tayeb Louh been arrested?


Algeria – The rumor has been circulating since yesterday. The former Minister of Justice, Keeper of Seals, Tayeb Louh was arrested at the western border of the country, while trying to  “illegally” enter Morocco.

The daily “Le Temps d’Algérie” which announced the information yesterday, claimed that the former minister “was arrested by the security services while trying to cross Algerian-Moroccan.  The newspaper belonging to the impounded businessman Ali Haddad quoted ” reliable sources”.

In a video broadcasted, this Saturday, on the Facebook page of Ennahar TV, we can see Tayeb Louh in a vehicle. The media claimed that the video was filmed a few minutes ago on the road to Ben Aknoun, Algiers.


فيديو متداول على #الإنستغرام لوزير العدل السابق #الطيب_لوح في طريق بن عكنون قبل قليل

🔴فيديو متداول على #الإنستغرام لوزير العدل السابق #الطيب_لوح في طريق بن عكنون قبل قليل

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