Vacancy of Presidency: Meeting of two Houses of Parliament


The offices of People’s National Assembly and Council of the Nation will meet, Tuesday, at the Council’s headquarters to prepare the meeting of the Parliament, in accordance with Article 102 of the Constitution, following the permanent vacancy of the presidency of the Republic ascertained, Wednesday, by the Constitutional Council.


The Constitutional Council which had ascertained, Wednesday, the permanent vacancy of the Presidency of the Republic, immediately communicated the act of declaration of vacancy to the Parliament which will meet de jure according to Article 102 of the Constitution.


“The permanent vacancy of the presidency of the Republic is ascertained in accordance with Article 102 paragraph 4, of the Constitution. The declaration act of the permanent vacancy of the presidency of the Republic will be communicated today, 27 Rajab 1440 corresponding to 3 April 2019, to Parliament in line with Article 102, paragraph 5, of the Constitution,” the Constitutional Council said in a statement.

Article 102 of the Constitution stipulates that “in case of resignation or death of the president of the Republic, the Constitutional Council meets de jure and ascertains the permanent vacancy of the Presidency of the Republic.”

“It, immediately, communicates the permanent vacancy declaration act to the Parliament which meets de jure.”


“The president of the Council of Nation assumes the charge of Head of State for a maximum period of sixty (90) days, during which presidential elections are organized. The Head of State, thus designated, cannot be candidate to the Presidency of the Republic,” according to the same article of the constitution.

Abdelaziz Bouteflika officially notified, Tuesday, the president of the Constitutional Council his decision to end his mandate as President of the Republic.









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