Exhibition on history of Holy Quran printing opens its doors


ALGIERS – The 3rd exhibition on “the history of the printing the Holy Quran” opened on Monday at the Palace of Culture, Moufdi Zakaria (Algiers), and will continue until April 4.

Organized by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and wakfs under the theme “a Koran for each student”, the exhibition traces the history of the printing of the Holy Qur’an, as well as some manuscripts and old copies of the Qur’an (Roudoci), and some tools traditionally used in the learning of the Koran and those currently used as part of its printing.

Also, the exhibition aims to make visitors aware of the development recorded in the printing of the Holy Quran in Algeria, through a detailed explanation of the various steps taken in this area, from the manuscript made by the calligrapher.

On the sidelines of this exhibition, a workshop on Arabic calligraphy is organized, to which calligraphers are invited to teach the children some basic rules of Arabic calligraphy and Ottoman drawing.

In a statement to the APS, the print and distribution editor at the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Soumia Boukhers, said the exhibition sheds light on the different stages through which the printing of the Holy Qur’an and the various types of calligraphy adopted, like the Naskh, Maghrebi or Tifinagh style recited by Warch, pass.

Organized at the Palace of Culture, Moufdi Zakaria, the exhibition that coincides with the spring holidays was marked in its first day by the participation of children accompanied by their parents in the workshops.

The children expressed their interest in this event, calling on the organizers to extend the exhibition to allow other children to go there.

For their part, the calligraphers expressed readiness to teach, during the four days of the workshop, schoolchildren and visitors about the different techniques of Arabic calligraphy.






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