El Kala tribunal orders transfer to Algiers of Haddad


El Tarf – The El Kala Criminal Court, on Monday, ordered the transfer to Algiers (Bir Mourad Rais) of the boss of the ETRHB group and former president of the FCE, Ali Haddad, arrested by the Algerian customs at the border crossing of Oum Teboul, while he was preparing to go to Tunisia, confirmed judicial source.

The concerned, who was placed in the late afternoon of Sunday in custody before being presented at about 15 o’clock yesterday afternoon before the investigating magistrate, will be transferred to the court of Bir Mourad Rais (Algiers) where he will have to answer the complaints which are reproached to him, namely, the non declaration of currencies and presentation of file not in conformity with the regulation while he tried to go to Tunisia, added the same source.

As a reminder, the former president of the FCE was apprehended, in Oum Téboul, in possession of two passports as well as the sum of 5.000 euros while the legislation on foreign exchange stipulates that beyond 1.000 euros the traveler must  make a declaration at the entry and exit of the borders of the country.

In addition to the violation of the foreign exchange legislation, the alleged offender, who also submitted documents of passage not in accordance with the law, was transferred initially from the border crossing of Oum Téboul to the daira d El Kala where he was heard by the police services under this daira.






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