Arab Summit in Tunis / ESC: Need to strengthen Arab cooperation


TUNIS – The work of the Economic and Social Council (ESC) meeting at the ministerial level, preparatory to the 30th session of the Council of the Arab League, was crowned, Thursday in Tunis, Tunisia, by the adoption of several plans and resolutions aimed at strengthening Arab cooperation, particularly in the social, economic and scientific fields, as well as the fight against the causes of the scourge of terrorism.

In the fight against the scourge of terrorism, “the participants approved the Arab Action Plan for the treatment of the social causes at the origin of this scourge”, instructing the General Secretariat to coordinate with the CES Arab organizations and all partners in order to initiate the necessary measures for the implementation of this plan.

In the same framework, they mandated the Ministerial Councils and specialized organizations to put in place a comprehensive plan to end the recruitment of children by gangs, terrorist militias, rebel groups and similar organizations while guaranteeing their rights and ensuring their reintegration into society “and the submission of this plan to the Council of the Arab League during the next session of the Summit.

In the area of ​​space cooperation, participants welcomed the proposal of the United Arab Emirates to create an Arab Industrial Cooperation Group “, while calling on Arab, regional and international organizations to” coordinate closely ” in this domain.

They also approved a text on the ethics of science and technology in the Arab region, “before calling on member states” to disseminate these principles at the level of the bodies in charge of scientific research “.

In the same vein, the work of the ESC meeting was sanctioned by the support of “a plan of the Arab Negotiating Group on Climate Change”, highlighting the importance “of respect for the values ​​of justice and solidarity to deal with the phenomenon of climate change and the guarantee of the Arab States’ rights to sustainable economic development by taking advantage of the scientific and technological development that this field is experiencing “.

Emphasis was placed on the need to work to enable developing and especially least-developed countries to benefit from emergency financial and technical support to strengthen these capacities in adaptation with these changes.

In addition, participants at this meeting approved “the adoption of the Arab Strategy for Older Persons”, calling on member states to take this strategy into account in their national plans and programs.

Concerning the Palestinian cause, they called on the Arab Specialized Funds to support the State of Palestine in the creation of the Palestinian Institution for the Consolidation of the Economy and its support in carrying out these projects for the benefit of the vulnerable categories of the Palestinian people”.

As a reminder, the preparatory meetings for the Summit continued on Friday with the meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers.






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