Preserve national unity, driving force of political parties


ALGIERS – The opinions and the positions of the political class about the solutions likely to end the crisis in Algeria, no matter how diverse, all agree on the need for the preservation of the country’s unity and stability.


In this period of political crisis that Algeria is experiencing, the political parties and national figures propose their approaches to find solutions to surmount the current situation, deemed as “deadlock.”

All the proposals aim to preserve the country and guard it from any possible danger.

In a statement on Tuesday, Lt. General Ahmed Gad Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP) said that the “application of the Article 102 of the  Constitution constitutes the only constitutional option likely to preserve the country’s  stability,” considering that it is necessary, even imperative to adopt a solution to resolve the crisis, a solution that meets the legitimate demands of the Algerian people and guarantees the respect of the provisions of the Constitution.

This solution is “likely to lead to a consensus and unanimity among all parties,” he said, adding that this solution is stipulated in Article 102 of the Constitution.

In this context, the Lt General called for “prevailing the high interests of the country to guard it against uncertainty,” adding that a solution to the crisis in Algeria “must entirely comply with the Constitution.”

The national unity has always been an important catalyst of all the positions expressed by the political parties and the cornerstone of their leaders’ speeches.

For the National Democratic Rally party (RND), “Nothing is more important than protecting Algeria against any situation of deadlock or crisis. No government or power is more important than Algeria,” according to the party’s Secretary General, Ahmed Ouyahia, who stressed that” the current situation requires the mobilization of all so Algeria can overcome this crisis, by making wisdom prevail in the service of the national interests.”

Similarly, for the National Liberation Front (FLN) party, which has placed national unity at the heart of its speeches, called for taking up the security and economic challenges by uniting the efforts, strengthening the internal front and consolidating the national harmony, in accordance with the principles of November 1st Proclamation.

The party of the Tajamou Amel El Djazair (TAJ) emphasized the need for guarding the national unity, fostering links among the Algerians, eliminating the seeds of discord and spreading the culture of fraternity and solidarity,” in order to “protect Algeria against the threats that lie ahead and build a better Algeria.”

Welcoming “the peaceful character of the popular marches and the maturity of Algerians in handling their national issues,” the El-Islah Movement welcomed the high sense of responsibility of the people and their permanent commitment to preserving the security, stability, human lives and property.

The Islah movement also welcomed the proposal of the Army Chief of Staff Gaid Salah, on the application of Article 102 of the Constitution.

The Opposition parties: Preservation of national unity, unquestionable objective

The Workers Party (PT) called for the strengthening of the national unity, allowing Algeria to cope with the external pressures, caused by the deterioration of the security situation in several neighbouring countries. The party welcomed the image reflected by the popular marches staged in Algeria.

Although there is a profound ideological divergence between the PT and the Justice and Development Front (FJD), these two parties converge on this point. President of the FJD, Abdallah Djaballah has constantly recalled that the party’s approach to seal an alliance with other parties, in previous elections, was aimed at “closing the ranks and consolidating the unity.”

The Movement of Society for Peace (MSP) insisted, during the launch of its national consensus initiative, on the need to preserve stability and protect national unity, by defining a road map able to “block the road to those who want to destabilize the country.”

For the Socialist Forces Front (FFS), it is necessary to move forward in this approach, through its initiative to rebuild the national consensus, described as “ideal democratic solution” for the preservation of the country’s unity, national sovereignty and stability, which are, according to the Front, “the main objectives of the party.”

The party of Talaie El Houriat insisted, through the speeches of its president, on the importance of dialogue, notably the “inclusive dialogue to consolidate the internal front in order to support the commendable efforts of the Army and the other security forces, as part of their permanent missions; namely the preservation of the national independence and the defense of the sovereignty, unity and borders of our country.”








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