Said Sadi rejects in form and substance call of Gaid Salah


Algeria – Former President of the Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD), Said Sadi, reacted yesterday, in a text posted on his Facebook page, to the call for the application of Article 102, launched by the Chief of Staff of the ANP, Ahmed Gaid Salah. For him, “this intervention is serious in form and substance. “



“The application of Article 102 implies the transfer of power to the Speaker of the council of the nation until the holding of the presidential elections, which amounts to locking up the dynamism that has mobilized millions of Algerians for radical change (…. ) and the historical marches that have aroused the admiration of the world. “, writes the former President of the RCD.

“Whatever the reasons that inspired it, this exit is untimely because it risks to drag the army into a spiral that would put it in front of the people. But, fundamentally, the Algerian impasse is only the consequence of the militarization of the political life,” he continued.


Sacrifice the regime to save Algeria

For Said Sadi, we “can not save the regime and Algeria”. “The current citizen revolution imposes a reality check. We can not save the regime and Algeria. The bankrupt can not handle bankruptcy. The legal and administrative artifices of a moribund regime are no longer appropriate in a moment of historical truth that calls for courage and innovation to initiate a political process that is necessarily outside the ways and practices that have led to the present situation. ”

The democratic transition as the only way out

“Proposals have been put forward for a consensual democratic transition. The way is narrow but there is no other way out. Compared to tinkering temporary structures that are looming, and that have been tested with the results that we know in the past, or the temptations of coups that the country has never recovered from, the democratic transition remains the formula the most credible and the most viable,” stressed Said Sadi.

“To give it the greatest chance of success, it is crucial that citizen mobilization remains and increases at least until it is implemented. There is a future for the country and for our children. They want and have the right to live freely and with dignity in their country,” he  concluded.


Le chef d’Etat major de l’ANP vient d’indiquer que l’application de l’article 102 consacrant l’incapacité du chef de…

Publiée par Said SADI sur Mercredi 27 mars 2019






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