Army to face challenges under respect for Constitution


ALGIERS-The Army “will firmly and resolutely face significant challenges in accordance with the Constitution,” stressed Wednesday Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of the National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP).


“Our country is surrounded by a tense and instable environment marked by an escalation of terrorism and multiform organized crime, which are significant challenges the Army must firmly and resolutely face under respect for the Constitution,” said Major General Gaid Salah in a keynote speech on th second day of his visit to the 4th Military Region (Ouargla).

“The Army has made several achievements in all fields. However, you, as the staff of the 4th Military Region, must be more vigilant and continue to your work with the same determination to secure our national borders,” he continued.

At the School of Application of Defense against Aircraft, the Lieutenant General met with the executives and personnel of Laghouat Military Sector, where he delivered this keynote speech.

Gaid Salah reaffirmed that the “total and permanent security of our country’s borders is a noble mission that requires the Army to acquire all power factors and to ensure their permanent development.”

Turning into the solid and vital link between the Algerian people and their Army, the Lieutenant General said that “this link whose strength is illustrated through this emotional interaction is expressed in the form of solidarity between the people and their army during trials and misfortunes. We are convinced that this vital link is sacred and draws its greatness from the particularities of the Algerian people and from the singularity of Algeria’s history and its extensive borders,” he stressed.

“Establishing the feeling of calmness and serenity in the hearts of the Algerian youth is a national duty, to which we attach utmost importance while working tirelessly to live up to this noble duty,” affirmed Gaid Salah.

The Lieutenant General also said that “there is no fear for Algeria’s present and future, with this people aware of the supreme interest of their country, and there is no fear for Algeria and its future with this Army, which breathes the air of its Fatherland and whose heart beats for every piece of its blessed land.”

On the second day of his visit to the 4th Military Region, the Lieutenant General inspected some units in Laghouat Military Sector and held a meeting with officials and personnel.








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