Application of Article 102 of Constitution: Divergent reactions of political parties


The political parties had divergent reactions in the aftermath of the call launched, Tuesday, by Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of the National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP), for the application of the article 102 of the Constitution as solution to the current crisis in the country.

In this context, the National Democratic Rally (RND) has welcomed the call of Gaid Salah, saying that it “will prevent the country from blocking”.

In a statement signed by its secretary general, Ahmed Ouyahia, the RND paid tribute to the ANP, which “ensures the security of Algeria and respect for the Constitution”.

Moreover, the party expressed “its gratitude to the mujahid Abdelaziz Bouteflika for all what he gave to Algeria during the National Liberation War and after the independence of the country”, inviting him to “submit his resignation in accordance with Article 102 of the Constitution “.

RND also called for the need to form a “quick” government to avoid any constitutional vacuum or “other speculation”.

For his part, the president of the Party of Freedom and Justice (PLJ), Mohamed Said, welcomed the call of Gaid Salah, considering it as a beginning of the end of the crisis, calling for the application of the article 102 after the formation of a national unity government and the creation of an independent electoral organization and the revision of the electoral law to guarantee the transparency of the elections.

The Islah Movement also welcomed the proposal of Gaid Salah which, he said, “responds to the many calls for the contribution of the military institution in the settlement of the current political crisis”.

The Workers’ Party (PT), for its part, considered that the application of Article 102 “implies the current government and the two chambers of parliament, who are rejected by the  overwhelming majority of the people, considering them  not legitimate” , adding that its application “carries all the risks for the nation, its sovereignty and integrity (…)”.

For the PT, “the only positive outcome, able to preserve the nation from chaos lies in the respect of the will of the majority of the people, calling for the convening of the Sovereign National Constituent Assembly.

In addition, the PT said it decided, Tuesday, the resignation of the parliamentary group of the party from People’s National Assembly.

= The application of Article 102 alone does not solve the crisis =

For its part, the Movement for Society for Peace (MSP) emphasized that the appeal of the Chief of Staff of the army is a proposal for a way out of the crisis through the application of Article 102 of the Constitution, asserting that the application of this article “does not in itself allow the realization of reforms, the democratic transition and the organization of credible and transparent elections”.

The MSP also reiterated its call for the creation of an independent body for the organization of elections.

For its part, the Talaie El-Houriyate party considered that Gaid Salah’s appeal “illustrates the ANP’s willingness to contribute to finding a rapid solution to the current crisis in order to prevent the situation from becoming more complicated. “.

For the party of Ali Benflis, the application of Article 102 alone “is not enough as a basis for resolving the political crisis,” stressing “the need to ensure” the conditions of transparency “to allow the Algerian people to express their choice “freely and without any guardianship”.

The Socialist Forces Front (FFS), for its part, considered that the application of Article 102 “does not meet the demands of the Algerian people who demand the change of the system and not a change in the system”.

For the oldest party of the opposition, the change “must be the emanation of the popular will by the election of a sovereign constituent assembly and the advent of the 2nd republic, that is to say the consecration of the rule of law, the democratic and social alternative “.

“Article 102 no longer meets the demands of the Algerian people, the people want to control their destiny, take charge of their future, a future of freedom, social justice and dignity,” pointed out the FFS.

In the same vein, the El-Fedjr El-Jadid party considered that the application of Article 102 is “insufficient” for resolving this crisis, underlining the importance of respecting the constitutional framework for a way out of the crisis.







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