Alert – Workers’ Party’s Louisa Hanoune announces withdrawal of her parliamentarians, rejects Gaid Salah call


Algeria – The Workers Party (PT) announced, on Wednesday, the resignation of its parliamentarians from the People’s National Assembly.


“The political bureau of the Workers’ Party decided Tuesday, March 26, the resignation of the party group of the Assembly,” said a statement from the political party.

In this context, this opposition party rejected the appeal of Gaid Salah, Deputy Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff, regarding the application of Article 102 of the Constitution, declaring the vacancy of the power.

“The statement of the Chief of Staff issued, yesterday, from the province of Ouargla is directed against the will of the overwhelming majority of the people to chase a corrupt and decomposed system. This is a dangerous interference of the military in politics, ” denounced teh statement.

For the party chaired by Louisa Hanoune, the application of this article is synonymous with a “rescue of the system”, as the government and the two houses of Parliament would be maintained.

“The application of Article 102 carries all the risks for the nation, its sovereignty and integrity, paving the way for foreign interference rejected by the millions of demonstrators. This confirms that any transition period is a real danger for the country. Therefore, a possible constitutionalization of what appears to be a coup de force would be an unprecedented drift that would threaten the very foundations of the state and national security, a threat to the peace that has been recovered,” added the party’s statement.

Finally, the PT called “the convening of the Sovereign National Constituent Assembly”.

The Chief of Staff called, yesterday, for the implementation of Article 102 of the Constitution which stipulates the vacancy of the post of President of the Republic.

The article allows the «removal of the president from office on the grounds of medical issues or other problems such as the inability of «exercising his functions.”

The article grants, also, the presidency of Algeria, for 135 days, to the Speaker of the Council of the Nation, the upper house in the Algerian parliament.






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