VIDEO – Interview with Sofiane, the author of #Yetnehaw_ga3 -Translated


Algeria – The life of Sofiane, a young pizza maker in Algiers, has totally change, on March 11, 2019,  after  his famous sentence “Yetnahaw ga3” which means: “All out” addressed to the Algerian regime following the release of the letter of the President of the Republic in which he announced that he would not stand as a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections.


Not convinced by the decisions conveyed in the letter, Sofiane interrupted a direct foreign channel Sky News coverage, saying “Yetnahaw ga3 (All out),” calling the members of the government to step down.


ALG24 French news website had an interview with this young person, whose sentence has become not only viral on social networks but also a slogan for the millions of demonstrators who march every Friday against power and the system.

In the interview with Alg24, Sofiane called the government, to be formed in the near future, to take into consideretion the right of the Algerian people, granting them housing, good jobs and the fundamantal means of life.

Besides, he added that new figures are required in the new government, referring to the hopeless Algerian youth who lack the basic daily needs because of, as he mentioned, the arrogance of the Algerian officials.

At the end, the young youth praised the high level of maturity and consciousness of the Algerians who are taking into the streets each Friday calling for the change of the regime and system, urging them to avoid all means of violence.










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