Saadani: Gaid Salah “could have dismissed Bouteflika in 5 minutes”!


Algeria – The former Secretary-General of the National Liberation Front,broke the silence, broaching a bundle of issues related to the role of the army in the current political situations and the deep state.

In an interview with TSA-Arabi, Amar Saadani denounced  the “deep state” which, according to him, would be led by the elders of the intelligence services (General Toufik), adding that the Military Institution confirms its republican character by refusing to intervene in the “hirak”.

“The chief of staff of the ANP could have dismissed the President of the Republic in five minutes. He did not do so because the army is a republican institution that will let the president finish his mission, “he pointed out.

“If it went back to the deep state, they would have dismissed the president by force or by assassination”, he asserted, arguing that the non-involvement of the Army” prevented the country from foreign interference which could harm it rather than protect it.”

Amar Saadani confirmed, moreover, the departure of the Head of State at the end of his term;  April 28th, adding that he will not stand as a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections.

“The dream of the president is to inaugurate the Grand Mosque (of Algiers), so let him do so,” he said.





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