National Plan on Water: 98% of inhabitants supplied with drinking water


ALGIERS- The National Plan on Water running until 2035 allowed to double and diversify water collection and distribution capacities in the benefit of inhabitants which 98% are now supplied with drinking water, said Thursday in Algiers general secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources.

Speaking on the sidelines of a ceremony at the Promenade des Sablettes (Algiers), on the occasion of the World Water Day which coincides with March 22 each year, Mr. Belhadj Bekateb said that the  National Water Plan has doubled and diversified water collection and distribution capacities, resulting in a connection rate of 98% of drinking water, at a rate of 180 liters / individual daily and a daily distribution for the benefit of 80% of citizens (45% benefit from drinking water 24 hours a day).

“Winning the battle for water remains a fundamental condition for realizing a real socio-economic transformation in the agriculture and industry sectors as well as in the preservation of the health of citizens, the protection of the ecological system and the realization of urban renewal, “he added.

“Thanks to the unprecedented volumes of public investment and the National Water Plan, Algeria has been able to double and diversify its water collection and distribution capacities in record time, “said Belkateb.

Regarding Algeria’s position in relation to achievements in the field of water resources, the official pointed out that it remained at the forefront of countries that had reached the Millennium Development Goals in terms of access to water resources and drinking water.



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