Algeria’s protests against regime/ Live coverage


Algeria – This Friday, March 22 marks the V Act of anti-regime demonstrations. After three contests against the candidacy of Abdelaziz Bouteflika for a fifth presidential term, the head of state responded favorably by giving up his candidacy and postponing indefinitely the presidential election that was scheduled for April 18.

In the wake of the announcement, a few dozen people had first parade expressing their joy, before realizing that their claims were not satisfied.

Indeed, the last letter of the President of the Republic explains that the latter will remain at the controls of the State after April 18 and will be in charge of organizing the transition itself. Which is not unanimous. Thus, citizens will come out today, not to say no to the 5th mandate, but to say no to the 4th extended term.



This Friday, despite the bad weather, thousands of Algerians are expected in the streets.


Patriotism is transmitted from generation to generation.


10h50: A play is performed outdoors in front of the Grand Post of Algiers.

Hundreds of protesters heading to the Grand Poste in Algiers. Patriotic songs can be heard here and there.

10.30am: In Telemly,  dozens of trucks of the anti-riot units are positioned.

09h30: Beginning of demonstration in downtown Algiers. Dozens of people gather in front of the Grand Post Office in Algiers.

09:15: Thousands of policemen and hundreds of riot trucks are deployed in the various streets of Algiers, especially in front of the Palace of the Presidency and the People.

09h00: French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian expresses his “admiration” for the peaceful protests in Algeria. “Algerians are very dignified,” he said this morning on RMC.


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