Amazigh language introduced in Google’s automatic translator


Algeria- The Tamazight language has been integrated into the American search engine Google in its automatic translator “Google Translate”. A petition launched on the Internet by the association Larando and Google responded positively to this request, reports Algeriepatriotique.


“Google has just launched Tamazight as a language for Google Translate,” says Larando, who explains that the second step is to “share this widely because Google Translate needs people to read and write Tamazight “.

In the petition posted on Avaaz, the signatories pointed out that “North Africa is a bearer of a language and culture that has spanned centuries and has so enriched human civilization,” adding that Tamazight “is spoken by more 60 million people, all over North Africa, the Saharo-Sahelian zone, France and even in Canada “.






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