Food import bill down in January 2019


ALGIERS- The total bill of food imports decreased by nearly 14% in January 2019, mainly driven by sugar, milk, pulses and cereals, the Algerian Customs told APS.

The global import bill for the Food Group reached US $ 733 million (US $) in January 2019, compared to US $ 851 million in January 2018, a decrease of US $ 118 million (-13.87%), said the National Center for Transmissions and the Customs Information System (CNTSID).

By product category, the import bill for cereals-meal fell to 250.5 million usd in January 2019 against 265.6 million usd in January 2018 (-5.7%).

Milk and dairy products were imported for US $ 130.03 million compared to US $ 154.76 million (-16%).

As for sugars and sweets, they were imported for 61.07 million usd against 114.67 million usd (-46.74%).

Pulses were imported for 47.5 million usd against 56.66 million usd (-16.2%).
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On the other hand, imports of coffee-tea increased to 33.74 million usd against 29.52 million usd (+ 14.3%).

Imports of meat also rose to 18.53 million USd against 6.7 million USD (+ 178%).

These six (6) main food products were, thus, imported for an amount of 541.35 million usd against 627.88 million usd (-13.8%).

In addition to these six (6) main products, the rest of the food goods were imported for 191.65 million usd against 223.12 million (-14.1%).

As regards oils intended for the food industry (classified in the Group of goods intended for the operation of the production tool), their imports increased to 63 million usd in January 2019 against 43 million usd at the same month of 2018 (+ 46.6%).

Thus, the Group’s total bill for food products and oils intended for the food industry amounted to 796 million USD in January 2019 against 894 million USD in January 2018, down 98 million USD (-11%).

Drugs: Falling Imports

With regard to drugs (classified in the Group of non-food consumer goods), their import bill decreased significantly to 59.93 million usd in January 2019 against 133.44 million usd in January 2018, down 73.51 million usd (-55.1%).



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