President Bouteflika: National Conference to issue crucial decisions



ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, on Monday, said that the National Inclusive Conference “which will be held in the very near future, with the participation of all the segments of the Algerian people, ill issue crucial decisions likely to deliver a qualitative leap demanded by our people.”


“Our country is preparing to change its governance regime and refresh its political, economic and social systems under the National Inclusive Conference, which will be held in the very near future, with the participation of all the segments of the Algerian people,” said President Bouteflika in a message on the occasion of the celebration of the Victory Feast on March, 19th.

“The mission of this Conference is the more sensitive, as it has the mission to issue crucial decisions, which are likely to make the qualitative leap demanded by our people, notably youth. This qualitative step will be endorsed by a comprehensive and deep revision of the Constitution, which will be put to a public referendum,” added the Head of the State.

The “revision of the Constitution would establish a new electoral process, under which a new president will be elected.”

The president of the Republic said that the mission of the Conference “is to freely discuss the social and economic future of the country, a future loaded with challenges, hence the need of a national consensus on the objective and the solutions which would enable us achieving a strong and competitive economic growth, a growth that would guarantee sustainability of our social model based on justice and solidarity.

“This path will undoubtedly contribute to terminate Algeria’s dependence on hydrocarbons and the fluctuations in oil prices,” he underlined.

The “consolidation of our country at the economic and social plan will enable it to better preserve its territorial unity and security in a direct booming environment, and in a world threatened by multifaceted risks.”


Algeria’s security, stability require a people that live up to aspirations

“Algeria is truly strong thanks to a highly professional Army which made huge sacrifices, but its security and stability appeal to a people that live up to their social, economic and cultural aspirations. A people which must stand beside the Army to protect Algeria from the external dangers, and enjoy peace and stability,” added the Head of the State.

“That is the future which will constitute, which God’s help, the best recognition to our valiant martyrs and Mujahedeen,” he stressed.

Moreover, President Bouteflika added “this is the supreme objective I pledged to fulfill before the end of my term, by your side and at your service, so Algeria lives, in a near future, a harmonious period of transition and witnesses handover of the power to the new generation so it pursue our national path towards progress, wellbeing, sovereignty and liberty”.








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