Inclusive dialogue and consultation to reach a broad consensus


ALGIERS- The current political scene is marked by intense activity by members of the government and opposition parties, who advocated inclusive dialogue and consultation to reach a broad consensus and find solutions to the country’s problems.


“As for the Government, it is not the organizer of this conference but seeks to be a facilitator (of the Conference),” Lamamra told the National Radio, recalling that the President of the Republic “had indicated that the Constitution that will be drafted by this Conference should not affect the Republican and democratic character of Algeria as well as the three components of its identity (Islam, Arabity and Tamazight.”

The Deputy Prime Minister said that consultations will be held to define the participation of the Presidential Alliance parties and other organizations, the opposition, all tendencies included, including the parties which are not represented in Parliament and the third party is the civil society organizations.

  “We need to make sure that this Conference reflects the different components of the Algerian society, especially young people and women,” he added, explaining that pre-Conference consultations at national and regional levels and with the Algerian community established abroad “will enable us to identify the mode of organization of the Conference proceedings.”

The “political parties have in the past called for the establishment of a Constituent Assembly, and  … President Bouteflika is responding to this expectation of the political parties,” he said.

“The difference between a Constituent Assembly and the National Conference is that the first one is composed of elected delegates with a specific mandate, namely the drafting of a Constitution while the participants in the Conference should not be elected but should emanate from consultations that would allow a representation that President Bouteflika wants fair.”

Lamamra also announced that the Conference which will be held before the end of 2019 will set the date of the presidential election “and once this election organized, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika will formally and solemnly hand the keys of the Palace of El Mouradia (Presidential Palace) to his freely elected successor.”

Dubbing “legitimate” the claims of popular marches witnessed in recent days across different regions of Algeria, former Algerian foreign minister Lakhdar Brahimi called for starting an inclusive dialogue to achieve “a broad consensus” on the future Head of State.

In an interview to the national television, Brahimi stressed the need to “avoid demonstrations and the dialogue of the deaf” in order to organize the national conference that will reach “a broad consensus” in order to choose the man or woman who will govern Algeria.

The opposition parties, meeting Wednesday at the headquarters of the Justice and Development Front (FJD) party in Algiers, have called for an open national meeting to hold a serious dialogue and to draft a road map for democratic transition.

This national meeting aims at “holding a serious dialogue for the formulation of popular demands, the elaboration of a road map for the democratic transition and the installation of a new system,” said the final communiqué of the 5th meeting of the opposition parties, which was attended by leaders of political parties, representatives of civil society as well as activists who participated in the popular marches.






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