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Algeria – Noureddine Bedoui, Prime Minister appointed last Monday to replace Ahmed Ouyahia, is hosting, today, Thursday, March 14, his first press conference.


His statements are eagerly awaited, especially since he will have to answer some thorny questions about the current political situation, marked by an unprecedented popular movement in Algeria.



11:28: Bedoui calls on the representatives of the people: “We are ready to meet you, to talk and to dialogue for the new Algeria”.

11h22: Lamamra: Lakhdar Brahimi is a great diplomat, an Algerian citizen who visits his country at every opportunity. If appealed to, he could play an important role in the inclusive National Conference.

11:19: Bedoui: “The government will be formed at the end of the week or the beginning of next week, so that it starts its work in anticipation of the inclusive National Conference. ”

11:09: Lamamra recognizes that the youth has been “marginalized”, especially in the various assemblies (APC, APW, APN). “Young people must be the first beneficiaries of social policy, as they must be the first actors in decision-making”.

11:07: Bedoui: President Bouteflika will not be part of the landscape of the new Algeria. The Government will be at the disposal of the inclusive National Conference “.

11:05: Bedoui: “We will dialogue, without complex, with all the components of the society. Algeria expects us all to rise to the level of the aspirations of the people. This movement is an opportunity to open the doors of dialogue “.

10:54: Lamamra: “It is normal for foreigners to comment on what is happening in Algeria. The country, with all its components, refuses any interference.

10h50: Bedoui: “The purpose of this press conference is to tell the Algerian youth that we listen to their calls and proposals”.

10:45 am: Lamamra: All constitutional institutions will remain in activity until the election of a new President of the Republic.

10:42: Bedoui: The inclusive National Conference will take place once the government is formed. All proposals emanating from Algerian society will be studied.

10:32: Bedoui appeals to the opposition parties, invites them to dialogue and get along with the government for the future of the country.

10:29: Bedoui does not give any legal or constitutional basis for the decision to postpone the elections. Evokes the will of the people who, according to him, is superior to any text of law.

10:25: Bedoui: “Some political parties doubted the credibility of the elections that were scheduled for April 18. The inclusive National Conference will (precisely) give credibility to the presidential elections ”

10:21: Bedoui: “The mechanisms of the inclusive National Conference will be defined just after the formation of the government.”

10:20: Bedoui: “We are forming the government. A government of technocrats open to all. This government, whose mandate will not exceed one year, will ensure the proper functioning of institutions.

10h15: Bedoui: “The doors are open to everyone, we will listen to everyone and we deal with everyone. Algeria is big enough for everyone “.

10:11: Bedoui: “President Bouteflika responded with great understanding to the peaceful demands of the people.”

10:10: Bedoui praises the “civism and the peaceful character” of the demonstrations.

10.08: Start of the press conference led by Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui and Deputy Prime Minister Ramtane Lamamra.





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