Counterterrorism: Cache of weapons, ammunition discovered in Adrar


Algeria – A cache of weapons and ammunition, including Kalashnikov-type machine guns and four rocket launchers, was discovered yesterday, Tuesday, March 12, 2019, in Adrar by a detachment of the National People’s Army, said the ministry of National Defense in a statement.

As part of the fight against terrorism and during a search operation conducted near the borders in Adrar in the 3rd Military Region, a detachment of the National People’s Army discovered, yesterday March 12, 2019, a cache of weapons and ammunition containing:
– (01) 106 mm caliber cannon with M90 viewfinder.
– (01) 12.7 mm heavy gauge machine gun with ammunition magazine;
– (01) PKT type machine gun;
– (01) RPK-type machine gun with ammunition magazine;
– (01) Machine gun (FMPK), with (02) ammunition strips;
– (03) Kalashnikov type submachine guns with three (03) ammunition magazines;
– (02) Simonov type semi-automatic rifles;
– (01) Sniper rifle;
– (02) Shell for SPG-9 rocket launcher;
– (12) fuses for mortars 120 mm;
– (18) fuses for 82 mm mortars;
– (79) Antipersonnel mines;
– (602) Balls of different calibres.

These operations reiterate, once again, the great vigilance and determination of the National People’s Army forces mobilized along our borders, to preserve the security of our national territory and defeat any attempt to destabilize the security of the country.


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