Counterterrorism: Surrender of terrorist in Tamanrasset


Algeria – A terrorist has surrendered today, March 09, 2019, in possession of a Simonov weapon, to the military authorities of Tamanrasset, extreme south of the country, indicates a statement of the Ministry of National Defense.

As part of the fight against terrorism and thanks to the efforts of the forces of the People’s  National Army, a terrorist surrendered, today 09 March 2019, to the military authorities in Tamanrasset in 6th Military Region.

It is, in this case, the so-called “Akebaoui Ammar”, aka  “Hama Oueld H’mimed”, who joined the terrorist groups in 2012. The terrorist was in possession of a semi-automatic rifle Seminov type and a quantity of ammunition.

In the same context and thanks to the exploitation of intelligence, a combined detachment of the ANP discovered, during a search operation conducted in the Sahara of Lebenoud, wilaya of El Bayadh , a cache of weapons and ammunition containing: – A Kalashnikov-type machine gun; – Two (02) repeating rifles; – Two (02) rockets Antichars; – and a quantity of ammunition.


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