Algerian women urged to stand in forefront of Algeria’s struggle


The Head of the State, Thursday,  called on the Algerian women to “stand in the forefront of this peaceful struggle, for the protection of the nation and its children, which is the struggle of Algeria.”


In a message on the occasion of the Women’s International Day, read on his behalf by Minister of Post, Telecommunication, Technologies and Digital Technology Houda-Imane Feraoun, President Bouteflika said that “over the days ago, our citizens took to the streets across the different regions of the country, so to peacefully express their opinions. We welcome this maturity of our citizens, notably youth. The democratic pluralism, for which we tirelessly campaigned, is now a tangible reality.”

“However, we have the duty to urge vigilance and caution against any possible infiltration of misleading parties, either internal or external, in this peaceful expression. Such parties may cause Fitna and  provoke chaos, with all they can trigger crises and woes,” warned the Head of the State.

Recalling that “Algeria has sacrificed millions to wrest independence and freedom and also paid heavy price to preserve unity and regain peace and stability, in the aftermath of a bloody decade,” he urged the Algerian people as a whole “and in first place the mothers to ensure the preservation of Algeria, in general, and its children in particular.”

After stressing the need for “preserving the stability to engage, people and authority, in the completion of the building endeavour and to achieve more success and progress,” the President said that “we are facing many economic, social and political challenges in order to help Algeria enjoy its natural level of prosperity and impose itself on the international economic scene and markets, and thus, further enhance its place in the community of nations.”

“In Algeria, spring is the season for commemorating the steps of our struggle and victories. The promotion of women’s place is for us, a part of this struggle, which is today the battle for construction and building,” said President of the Republic.







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