President Bouteflika hails peaceful nature of popular marches, maturity of young Algerians


ALGER – The President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, on Thursday hailed the peaceful nature of the popular marches recorded in recent days across different regions of the country, as well as the maturity of citizens, especially young people.

In a message, on the occasion of the celebration of International Women’s Day, read on his behalf by the Minister of Post, Telecommunications, and Digital Technology, Houda-Imane Feraoun, President Bouteflika said: “a few days ago, we registered the protests of many of our fellow citizens across the country to peacefully express their opinions, and we welcome the maturity of our fellow citizens, including our young people”.

“Nevertheless, we must call for vigilance and caution regarding the possible infiltration of this peaceful expression by some insidious part, internal or external, which could, may Allah forbid, bring the Fitna and provoke chaos, “warned the head of state.

Recalling that “Algeria has paid a high price for the recovery of its independence and freedom and our people have paid a heavy and painful tribute to preserve its unity and the restoration of its peace and stability after a bloody national tragedy. “he urged the entire Algerian people” and in the first place the mothers to ensure the preservation of Algeria, in general, and its children in particular.



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