FM Messahel reiterates Algeria’s appeal to privilege peaceful settlement to Arab crises


 CAIRO – Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel reaffirmed Wednesday in Cairo the position of Algeria, which advocates the peaceful resolution of crises in the Arab world.


Speaking at the 151st regular session of the Arab League Ministerial Council, the minister said, referring to the Syrian crisis, that “this country, founder of the Arab League, must play its full role in the defence of the just causes of its nation and its legitimate interests.”

He also voiced “Algeria’s support for Syria’s return to the Arab League, a return likely to contribute to the appropriation of the crisis settlement and the enshrining of national reconciliation.”

Concerning the Palestinian question, Messahel recalled “Algeria’s unwavering support for a just, lasting and comprehensive settlement enabling the Palestinian people to exercise their legitimate right to statehood, within 1967 borders and with El Quds as capital in accordance with UN decisions and international legality.”

“The turbulences that are shaking the Arab world are directly related to the dark image of the exacerbation of the Palestinian people’s suffering as well as the lack of a just settlement to this issue which remains essential in the eyes of the Arab world,” he added.

Regarding Libya, the Foreign Minister has emphasized “the importance of an inclusive approach based essentially on the non-interference in the internal affairs of Libyans and in the political settlement process.”

“The political settlement to the crisis is the only way to end the conflict in this neighbour and brother country and preserve the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya. It also ensures the cohesion of its people and enable them achieve national reconciliation, “Messahel added.

Messahel who expressed “Algeria’s support to UN Special Envoy Ghassan Salamé in the implementation of the roadmap,” welcomed the “efforts to better prepare the National Conference.”

The Foreign Minister described “the UN-supervised agreement concluded on 28 February in Abu Dhabi between President of the Presidential Council of Libya, Fayez al-Sarraj and Marshal Khalifa Haftar, as an ‘important stage’ in the direction of the unification of ranks and the resolution of the crisis…”

About the Yemeni crisis, the minister reiterated “Algeria’s support for dialogue between the Yemeni antagonists under the auspices of the United Nations, with a view to reaching a political solution that will preserve the unity of Yemen, its sovereignty, its stability and its social fabric.”

Messahel voiced “satisfaction with the encouraging outcomes of the last meeting in Stockholm between the Yemeni antagonists.”

In this regard, he called for “privileging dialogue and placing the highest interest of Yemen above all other considerations in order to restore peace and stability in this brother country”.

Regarding the fight against terrorism, the Algerian top diplomat reaffirmed “Algeria’s strong condemnation of terrorist acts aimed at destabilizing the security in the Arab countries and its solidarity with the countries facing the threat of abject terrorism, hence the need for joint cooperation and coordination to combat this scourge and counter the dangers facing the Arab world and their serious repercussions on the region.”






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