People must “counter menaces with unpredictable consequences”


ALGIERS-Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defence and Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP) said on Tuesday that the people are urged to “build a bulwark” against anything that could expose the country to “threats with unpredictable consequences” and to foil attempts to bring it back to the painful years of embers. 


“This people, who have defeated terrorism and thwarted its aims, are urged to deal with the situation facing their country and to build a bulwark against anything that could expose Algeria to threats with unpredictable consequences,” said Gaid Salah in a speech he delivered under visit to the Military Academy in Cherchell, the Ministry of National Defence said in a communiqué.    

Lieutenant General Gaid Salah recalled the “colossal sacrifices” made by the Algerian people and its vanguard, the National People’s Army, alongside all the other security forces in the face of the abject scourge of terrorism.

“I have always been frank and sincere, while assuming to tell the truth when it comes to the security and stability of the country. The fact that Algeria could bring together the factors of its stability, through the eradication of terrorism, thanks to the comprehensive and rational strategy adopted, and then thanks to the determined resistance shown by the Algerian people, led by the People’s National Army, alongside all the other security forces, has upset some parties that do not want to see Algeria stable and secure,” he continued.

These parties “want to bring Algeria back to the painful years of embers, during which the Algerian people experienced all forms of suffering and paid a heavy price. This dignified, authentic and conscious people, who have experienced these harsh trials and suffered their horrors, must not, under any circumstances, jeopardize their safety and peace of mind,” said the Deputy Minister of National Defence.

Lieutenant General Gaid Salah expressed his conviction that “this security and stability, thus restored, will continue to take root, the Algerian people will continue to enjoy it, and that the Army will remain the guarantor of this very important achievement, thanks to which our country has regained its notoriety.”

Recalling the “greatness” of the Army’s missions, as well as the “laborious and fruitful efforts that its units make wherever they are and in all circumstances, earning them recognition and gratitude”, the Army’s Chief of Staff welcomed their “high degree of awareness as to bringing together all the factors of strength in terms of training, teaching, preparation and professionalism on the spot, in addition to the judicious and even optimal use of modern equipment and materials.”

Mobilizing all these factors constitutes a “commitment to the preservation of the territorial integrity of our dear Algeria. Such a determination shows the importance attached to the noble missions assigned to the Army in order to preserve the security of our country and safeguard its independence, sovereignty and stability.”

The National Army is working to achieve its “legitimate goals”, in the light of the guidelines given by the President of the Republic, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defence, said Gaid Salah.

“The Army perfectly knows the enemies of the Algerian people and their homeland. The Army is are also aware of their macabre plans and their scope, and will undoubtedly know how to preserve their national history”, concluded the Army’s Chief of Staff.








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