Remains of 24 martyrs re-buried in Tebessa


TEBESSA – Minister of the Mujahedeen Tayeb Zitouni supervised on Monday in Tebessa the re-burial of 24 martyrs, whose remains were exhumed in January from a well in the locality of Kara Senoune, in the commune of Boukhedra, in the province of Tebessa.

The ceremony of re-burial of the martyrs in the cemetery of the chouahda of Boukhedra (45 km in the North of Tebessa) took place in the presence of the local authorities and representatives of the revolutionary family.

In his speech, the minister said that the occasion is “an opportunity to remember the chouhada whose blood flowed in the various wilayas of the country writing an epic of sacrifice for a proud and dignified Algeria”.

The remains of 24 Shuhada executed during the Liberation War and buried collectively were exhumed from a well located in a cave in the Kara Senoune region of Boukhedra commune.



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