Algeria is able to meet development challenge, says President Bouteflika


ALGIERS-In a message read on his behalf by Minister of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning, Noureddine Bedoui Sunday in Adrar, President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika emphasized the need for a more effective economy to ensure the sustainability of social justice and national solidarity, especially as Algeria has the potential to meet the challenge of development.


As part of the celebration of the double anniversary of the creation of the General Union of Algerian Workers (UGTA) and the nationalization of hydrocarbons, President Bouteflika said that “it is true that we have achieved socioeconomic development but we remain deeply aware of the need for further economic efficiency to ensure the sustainability of our sacred choice of social justice and national solidarity,” wrote the Head of State.

“There are countless opportunities to diversify the national economy, agricultural potential and scientific expertise that only require a better exploitation and enhanced quality to generate additional income for the country,” stated President Bouteflika.

“This succinct exposé on the various steps of Algeria’s contemporary struggle and construction history is a clear illustration of my message, the message of the virtues of a continuity that encourages each generation to partake in achievements,” said President Bouteflika.

According to the Head of State, “continuity guarantees perseverance on the right path and enables the country to remedy marginal errors. It also leads Algeria to move up a gear in the race for progress and prosperity,” affirmed the Head of State in his message.

“During the last decades, Algeria managed to combine the wealth of hydrocarbons and independent political decision. After the national tragedy ended, Algeria engaged in a process of construction and socioeconomic restructuring. The country managed to decrease unemployment that almost suffocated our young people, and to considerably curb poverty and misery through thousands of schools, hundreds of hospitals, tens of universities and millions of housing units,” said President Bouteflika.

“These achievements could not have been possible without the independence of our political and economic decision, which has enabled us to overcome the financial difficulties of recent years,” recalled the President in his message.

As regards security, the Head of State highlighted “the instability and scourges of terrorism and cross-border crime in neighbour countries. We hail the role, consciousness and mobilization of our valiant People’s National Army (ANP) and the Algerian people in preserving the country’s stability.”









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