“Dossier Labudovic” shortlisted in Copenhagen Film Festival


BELGRADE- The documentary film on the life and carrer of Yugoslav cameraman and photographer, Stevan Labudovic, entitled “Dossier Labudovic”, was selected by Serbian authorities to be part of the “Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival”, scheduled from March 26 to 28.


This documentary, directed by filmmaker Mila Turajlic, tells the story of Stevan Labudovic, photographer and cameraman, who was sent to Algeria in 1959 by Yugoslav President Josip Bros Tito for a photo-taking mission to help introduce to the world the struggle of the Algerian people to free themselves from French colonialism.

Director Mila Turajlic, who took part in the 2013 Algiers Film Festival, told the Serbian press that Stevan Labudovic’s move to Algeria in 1959 was a turning point in his life.

The Yugoslav cameraman was decorated in 2012 by the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, with the medal of merit for his commitment, during three years, in the fight of independence.

It should be recalled that the Algerian Ambassador in Belgrade organized a ceremony on 30 November 2017 to pay tribute to Stevan Labudovic, who died on 25 November of the same year. Members of his family, Serbian authorities, the accredited diplomatic corps in Serbia and many friends from Algeria took part in this ceremony.






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