“Comprehensive approach” is required to ensure regional peace, stability


THE HAGUE – Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel gave, Thursday, in The Hague (the Netherlands) a lecture on “Algeria’s approach in fighting radicalization and terrorism, highlighting the positive impact it may have on regional security.

In his address to an experts’ panel at the Dutch “Clingendael Institute”  for International Relations, Messahel highlighted “the importance of a comprehensive approach to ensuring and preserving the region’s peace and stability”.

“Such an approach should not focus only on security aspects but also on aspects related to governance, socio-economic development, and the fight against all forms of marginalization or stigmatization,” he added.

In this regard, the FM made a presentation on the efforts made by Algeria to achieve its stability by recalling “the five pillars on which the Algerian policy is based, namely, the respect for the human rights, the commitment to the virtues of dialogue for the resolution of differences, crises and conflicts, the adoption of the Civil Harmony and the National Reconciliation policies advocated by President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The pillars also include “democracy as the antidote to extremist, the implementation of a de-radicalization policy, the protection of the National identity’s components; Islam, Arabity and Tamazight, the fight against extremist and finally the permanent struggle against injustice and social nequalities.”

Regarding the “very insignificant number of Algerian terrorist fighters in the terrorist groups,” Messahel said that “despite the Algerian approach efficiency” it is necessary to remain vigilant because terrorism has the ability to regenerate quickly.”








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