FM Messahel in The Hague: Algeria, source of regional stability and security


THE HAGUE – Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkader Messahel gave on Thursday in The Hague (the Netherlands) a lecture on the Algerian approach in terms of de-radicalization and counterterrorism and its impact on the regional security. The Foreign Minister said that Algeria “is a source of regional stability and security.”


 Messahel is on a working visit to the Netherlands.

While lecturing at the Dutch Institute for International Relations “Clingendael Institute” before experts, the minister said that “Algeria spares no effort to contribute to restoring the peace, security and stability in its immediate region, which is experiencing, for years, worrying instability, insecurity and higher volatility, notably in Libya and the Sahel Saharan region,” adding that these efforts remain “based on clear principles of non-interference, equidistance and appropriation of the settlement process by the (Libyan) players.”

The Minister reviewed the various dangers and challenging confronting the Sahel Saharan and Northern Africa region and their repercussions on the stability of the region as a whole. In this regard, he cited terrorism, radicalization, the organized crime and the massive illegal immigration.

Alongside, he outlined Algeria’s efforts to “counter those challenges through the mobilization of the People’s National Army troops and security units. Its efforts also cover its region by assisting the region’s countries in the field of training of Special Forces, equipment and the sharing of intelligence and experience.”

Messahel also stressed the “close connection” between the security requirements and development, presenting the country’s modernization and socio-economic development efforts.









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