Bill on civil aviation: Air transport growth contingent upon reinforcing legislative instruments


ALGIERS- The bill on the civil aviation presented Sunday during a plenary session of the People’s National Assembly (APN-Lower House), aims at completing some clauses in the bill which defines the general rules on the civil aviation, by reinforcing the legislative and regulatory instruments adapted to the international commitments.


Under this bill amending and supplemeting the 1998 law, the success of the government’s policy for the development of the civil aviation depends on the State institutions fully exercising their regulatory missions.

This policy is based on the continuation of all the actions aiming the establishment of a legislative and regulatory frameworks and the regulation of air transport activities, favorable to the development of the public and private sector.

In this regard, the creation of a national agency of civil aviation is necessary, since the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recommends to the Member States to grant legal and financial autonomy to the Civil Aviation Administration to better undertake it attributions and address the lack of financing instruments.

In Algeria, these missions are currently assumed by the Ministry of the Civil Aviation.

Algeria is a member of the 1944 Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation. The State is, by virtue of this Convention, subject to the recommended requirements.

Amongst these requirements, which ICAO has been insisting on for years, there are two priority areas: safety and security.

In this context, the National Civil Aviation Agency will allow to remedy the current shortcomings.

The future Agency will be endowed with management autonomy and real decision-making power to enable it to fulfill its mission of regulating, controlling and supervising the air transport activities.








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