Algeria’s Presidential Elections 2019: “Bouteflika’s 4th term better than the third one,” Sellal


Abdelmalek Sellal, campaign director of candidate Bouteflika, met this Saturday, February 16 Mohamed Alioui, Secretary General of the National Union of Algerian farmers (UNPA).


During this meeting, Abdelmalek Sellal praised the record of the president of Bouteflika since taking power despite the circumstances. ” An achievements that some people tend to forget, ” he grieves. “Many people forget that the Algerian entity was strongly threatened in 1999,” he said.

For the former prime minister, the figures show the extent of achievements. “A lot has been done during the forth term of the incumbent President,” he says.

“Some say the president was sick and did not follow what was happening. From 2014 to 2018, the balance sheet is better than the previous five-year period, “he stresses.

Finally, Abdelmalek Sellal explained that President Bouteflika is launching a project for building the country in all areas. This project will be discussed, in case of victory, at the planned national conference.



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