28th Havana International Book Fair: Algerian stall attracts large influx of Cuban visitors


Algeria’s stall at the 29th Havana Book Fair, which kicked off last week, was marked by a large influx of Cuban visitors who came to discover the various Algerian publications dealing with Algeria’s heritage, history and culture.


Gallery A11, located in San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress, in this capital, exhibits numerous volumes of diverse literary genres and authors, while 14 panels provide information of Algerian writers of novels, stories, poetry and plays. Other panels present images of the historical, natural, urban and cultural heritage of Algeria.From the Algerian historical patrimony, there are outstanding reproductions of rock paintings of the Tassili, Roman vestiges of Tingad and the mausoleum attributed to Cleopatra II, daughter of King Juba of Mauritania.

From the natural patrimony, one can see views of lakes of Kala, mountains of Bejaia, natural and archaeological parks of Djanet, Hoogar and Oned Souf, an oasis of native populations.

From the cultural patrimony, there are Constantine, city of suspension bridges; and and Algiers among other places, represent the urban heritage.

Admirers of culture can appreciate the Tuaregs knights, Targui women, the traditional clothing of Algiers and the Berber region of Kabylie.

At the back of the gallery, a man sitting at a table translates into Arabic the names each person writes in Spanish on paper.

A long line of women queues before an Algerian woman dressed in the typical clothes of the country because, with an admirable patience and in front of two candles, is dedicated to painting on the hands traditional figures to make females more attractive.

During the Fair, Writers from the Algerian delegation will give six lectures on the literature of their country in different historical periods, multilingualism, translation, protection of copyright and the publication process in Algeria.






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