Counterterrorism: Cache of arms, ammunition destroyed in Tamanrasset


A detachment of the National People’s Army (ANP) discovered yesterday, Monday, February 11, 2019, a cache of weapons and ammunition near the border strip in Tamanrasset, said, Monday, a statement from the Ministry of National Defense.

As part of the fight against terrorism, and through the exploitation of intelligence, a detachment of People’s National Army discovered, yesterday, February 11, 2019, during a search operation conducted near the southern border strip in Tamanrasset, a cache of weapons and ammunition containing:

– (01) Heavy machine gun, 14.5 mm caliber;

– (01) Heavy machine gun, 12.7 mm caliber;

– (01) automatic Rifle;

– (20) 82 mm mortar shell;

– (338) 14.5 caliber balls;

– (170) Bullets of 12.7 mm caliber;

– (03) 12.7mm ammunition chains.


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