Substantial decline of trade deficit in 2018


ALGIERS- Algeria’s trade deficit stood at $5.03 billion in 2018, against $10.87 billion in 2017, down by 5.84 billion (-53.73%), Customs told APS.

In 2018, exports climbed to 41.168 billion dollars (billion dollars) against 35.191 billion dollars in 2017, an increase of 5.977 billion dollars (+ 16.98%), says the Customs’ National Center for Communications and Information System (CNTSID) in its provisional data.

As for imports, they amounted to 46.197 billion US dollars in 2018 compared to 46.059 billion US dollars in 2017, an increase of 138 million dollars (+ 0.3%).

Hydrocarbons amounted to 38.338 billion dollars compared to 33.261 billion dollars in 2017, an increase of 5.077 billion dollars (+15 , 26%).

Exports excluding hydrocarbons remained marginal, accounting for 6.87% of the total amount of exports, worth US $ 2.83 billion, despite an increase of 46.63% compared to 2017.

Exports excluding hydrocarbons were composed of half-products with 2.24 billion usd in 2018 against 1.41 billion usd in 2017 (+ 59%), food products with 373 million usd against 349 million usd (+ 6.88% ), gross products with 92 million usd versus 73 million usd (+ 26.03%), industrial capital goods with 90 million usd versus 78 million usd (+ 15.4%), non-food consumer goods with 33 million USD versus 20 million USD (+ 65%) and agricultural capital goods with 0.30 million USD versus 0.29 million USD.

Imports: slight increase in food bill, decrease in fuel prices

In the case of imports, the bill for energy and lubricants (including fuels in particular) decreased significantly to US $ 1.015 billion in 2018 compared to US $ 1.992 billion in 2017, down US $ 977 million (-49%). 05%), specify the Customs.

Imports of agricultural and industrial equipment goods and semi-finished products also fell in 2018.

Thus, the import bill for agricultural equipment goods stood at 563 million usd in 2018 against 611 million usd in 2017 (-7.86%).

For industrial equipment goods, they were imported for 13.43 billion US dollars against 13.99 billion US dollars (-4.02%).

Imports of semi-finished products amounted to 10.96 billion US dollars against 10.98 billion US dollars (-0.24%).

On the other hand, increases in imports were recorded for the food, raw materials and non-food consumer goods groups.

The food bill was 8.573 billion US dollars against 8.438 billion US dollars (+ 1.6%).

Gross imports reached US $ 1.898 billion, compared to US $ 1.527 billion (+ 24.3%).
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For non-food consumer goods, they were imported for 9.75 billion dollars against 8.511 billion dollars (+ 14.63%).






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