Inauguration date of Grand mosque of Algiers to be fixed , soon, by President Bouteflika


Minister of Religious Affairs and Wakfs, Mohamed Aïssa, said, Tuesday in Algiers, that the construction work of the Grand Mosque of Algiers will be “soon” finalized, in anticipation of its inauguration.

Speaking at the forum of the daily Echaab, Mr. Aïssa said that the construction work of the Grand Mosque is being finalized and that the religious building would be “soon” inaugurated, noting that the date of its inauguration “will be fixed by the president of the Republic”.
Aïssa made it clear that the Imam of the mosque will be “Algerian”, adding that imams from different parts of the country will follow one another in his rostrum.”An interministerial council is planned, in February, to define the multisectoral body that will take over the management of the cultural and religious structures annexed to the mosque,” he highlighted.


The Grand Mosque of Algiers has, in addition to the prayer room, a higher institute of formation, a house of the Koran, a cultural center, a library, a minaret, a museum and two research centers.

On the other hand, Mr. Aïssa affirmed that the commissions in charge of the concerns raised by the National Coordination of the imams “are at work to take care of the claims of the Imams”.

“Every effort is being made to remove the obstacles that prevent imams from fully fulfilling their role,” he pointed out.






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