Remains of former Delegate Defence Minister Abdelmalek Guenaizia arrives in Algiers- video


The plane carrying the remains of General-Major Abdelmalek Guenaizia, former Deputy Defense Minister, arrived at Houari Boumediene airport in Algiers.


The remains of Abdelmalek Guenaizia, who died yesterday in Geneva, Switzerland, was greeted by Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia, Deputy Defense Minister Ahmed Gaïd Salah and other Algerian high-ranked officials, namely; Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdelkader Messahel, Council of the Nation Chairman, Abdelkader Bensalah, and Speaker of People’s National Assembly, Mouad Bouchareb.

Former ministers Amar Tou, Aboubaker Benbouzid and Rachid Harraoubia were also present at the reception of the deceased remains. As a reminder, the deceased will be buried tomorrow, Wednesday, February 6, at the cemetery of Sidi Yahia, Algiers.

☑مراسم استقبال جثمان اللواء المجاهد "عبد المالك قنايزية"

🔴🔴مباشرة من مطار "هواري بومدين"☑مراسم استقبال جثمان اللواء المجاهد "عبد المالك قنايزية"

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