Algeria’s Presidential Elections 2019: 181 candidacy letters of intent submitted to Ministry


 ALGIERS- A total of 181 applicants for presidential election candidacy, including 14 heads of political parties, received forms to begin collecting signatures, said, Saturday, the Ministry of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning.

Interior Ministry announced that it has received 181 applications for candidates wishing to run in April’s presidential elections.

In this aspect, the ministry said in a statement: “We received 181 letters of candidate’s desire to run. 14 from heads of political parties.”

The ministry published a list of personalities and parties that submitted applications for nomination to withdraw the form.

The presidents of political parties who have applied for the candidacy for the election of the presidency of the Republic are Belaid Abdelaziz; El Moustakbel Front, Adoul Mahfoudh; the Party of National Victory, Ali Benflis of the Talaia  El Hourriyet, (Vanguards of Freedom), Ahmed Gouraya; Young Democrats for Citizenship Front, Zeghdoud Ali; Algerian Rassemblement, Guerras Fethi; Democratic and Social Movement, Ali Faouzi Rebaine; Ahd 54, Amar Bouacha, of  El Infitah Movement, and Mohamed Hadef; the National Movement of Hope, Abdelkader Bengrina; El Binaa Movement, Salim Khalfa; the Democratic Youth Party , Aissa Belhadi from the Front of Good Governance, Abderazzak Makri; Peace Society Movement (MSP) and Secretary General of the Workers’ Party (PT), Louiza Hanoune.

Among the independent candidates; Ali Ghediri, retired Major-General, Rachid Nekkaz, who had already applied for the candidacy in the 2014 presidential election, the former deputy Tahar Missoum, and former head of a political party, Rabah Bencherif.


Retired Algerian general Ali Ghediri was the first candidate to announce that he would be running for presidency in April’s election.





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