Sufism has always been safety valve for Nation against extremism, violence


The Minister of Religious Affairs and Wakfs, Mohamed Aissa, said, Thursday, in the province of Ouargla, Sufism has always been a “safety valve for the Nation against the phenomenon of extremism, violence and of terrorism ”.

Speaking at the opening of an international seminar on “Sufism and its role in the preservation of religious references and national identity,” the minister said that “Sufism has always been a safety valve for the Nation against the phenomenon of extremism, violence and terrorism.”

Emphasizing virtues, love of neighbor, and extirpation of the hatred of human society, Mr. Mohamed Aissa highlighted that Sufism is also the pursuit of sincerity, loyalty and dedication, adding that Sufism is a bridge between nations, beyond the diversity of dogmas, rites, social and national belonging, and opened to all humanity, in accordance with the spirit of the Holy Qur’an.

The participants in this seminar, organized by the religious affairs and wakfs directorates of Ouargla wilaya, in coordination with choyoukhs, imams and teachers from different regions of the country and foreign countries, will deal with themes related to Sufism in Algeria and its role in the face of colonialism and the preservation of national identity ‘, the’ African dimension of the Sufi brotherhoods in Algeria and their role in spreading Islam in Africa ‘.

The participants will also address themes related to “Sufism and the preservation of religious references” and “the impact of Sufism on the stability and dissemination of noble values ​​in society”.








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