National proactive strategy to plugging national brain drain


Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia said, Thursday, that the Government has set up a “national proactive strategy,” based on a series of employment and training-related measures in order to plug the flight of national skills abroad.


 The government “has set up a national proactive strategy in order to plug the national brain drain and encourage the national competences abroad to return to the country,” said Ouyahia in an answer to a question of Lower House member Fatma Saïdi, on “the continuation of the emigration of national competences.”

The answer was read on his behalf by Minister of the Relations with the Parliament Mahdjoub Beda, during a plenary session of the People’s National Assembly (Lower House) devoted to the oral questions.

Outlining the “proactive and multifaceted” strategy, Ouyahia said that the “efforts made by the authorities towards the scientists training in Algeria are grounded on a national harmonious system, aiming at integrating the graduates from universities, schools, higher institutes and professional training establishments into the labour market.”

The Prime Minister mentioned a number of measures, namely the “creation of Entrepreneurial Centres at the universities to promote the entrepreneurial spirit with young graduates.

Those Centres are designed to help young graduates acquire the necessary skills and experience to found their own job-generating projects.”

Ouyahia also cited “the generalization of direct recruitment by the public administrations and institutions for graduates who have received specialized training from qualified bodies, likewise the graduates from the School National Administration (ENA), the Higher School of Health and the Higher School of Social Security (ESSS).”

With regard to the Vocational Training sector, Ouyahia said that the public authorities “have simplified the administrative procedures in favor of the young project holders, under the national employment support system (the National Agency for Youth Employment Support (ANSEJ) and the National Employment Agency (ANEM)) to enable them to implement their projects in the best conditions.”

An “encouraging work climate for young entrepreneurs through financial support has been also created, offering them access to various financial benefits, under the rules in force and the various advantages offered by the National Youth Employment Support Agency (ANSEJ),”  he said.

These advantages consist of “unpaid loans, the reduction of bank interest rates and all expenses related to the studies carried out and required by the ANSEJ, in addition to the tax incentives for technology-specific projects.”








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