Iran taking continually advantage of Algeria’s opinions, wise policy


Speaker of Iran’s Islamic Consultative Assembly Ali Larijani affirmed Tuesday, in Tehran, that his country takes continually advantage of Algeria’s opinions and wise policy, calling to increase efforts for the promotion of bilateral cooperation to the highest level.  


During the meeting he granted to the delegation of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and National Community established abroad of People’s National Assembly, led by Abdelhamid Si afif, on an official visit to Tehran since Saturday, Larijani said that “Iran is continually benefiting from the advice and wise policy of Algeria, considering the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika as one of the Arab leaders known for their wisdom and foresight, said Wednesday a statement from theassembly.

After highlighting the “fraternal” relations between Algeria and Iran, the Iranian official called for the intensification of efforts to further promote cooperation at the highest level, in accordance with the will of the leaders of the two countries and on the basis of their converging positions on numbers of causes “.

For his part, Mr. Si Afif welcomed the consultations held with Iranian officials, stressing that the relations between the two countries are based on solid foundations, marked by a convergence of views on several issues raised on the international scene, added the press release.

Si Afif also reiterated Algeria’s commitment to ban violence and advocate dialogue and understanding as solutions to crises, in addition to supporting people’s struggle for self-determination, citing, in this regard, Algeria’s position vis-à-vis the prevailing situation in its geostrategic environment.

The officials pinpointed that Algeria has defeated the scourge of terrorism, thanks to the efforts of the President of the Republic.






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